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Euphoria [WIP] Euphoria [WIP]

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:oh my

PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN START LEARNING TO MASTER MY BEATS LIKE YOURS. I just started learning about decibels, and limiting, and compression, and automation ect. Any pointers? I need to be as good as you someday.

[Anahata] [Anahata]

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Nice! :O

whats samplin? Hmmm, you should make beats for a living. your good at it 10/10 =D

teddygram responds:

thanks dude! i hope to eventually. sampling is cutting out a portion of a song and usually chopping it up in some way to use it differently. check out this if you're interested _(music). it's a method used by a lot of hiphop producers although they usually use hardware samplers like the akai MPC or roland SP

chilllllin chilllllin

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haha, your signed right?

This is amazing. are all these sounds and VST's already in fl8 or do you download them from places? Im just starting to make beats and mine are alright, and meant for lyrics like this one. Got any places i can find more instruments =D? Sounds amazing. 10/10

teddygram responds:

thanks again dude. and this is partially sampled from an old atlantic starr song although the lead synth is a west coast lead wav sound i downloaded. i usually get my vsts and drums from i also use a lot of Native Instrument VSTs.

[2010] [2010]

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Very original

Great melodies, transtitions, selections of instruments, everything. Can't find a thing wrong with this beat, great work. Mind sounds pretty good, but this level of mastering is what I hope to reach one day. Do you do all your stuff in FL9?

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teddygram responds:

FL6 actually, but yea, hoping to get a sampler of some sort soon though. Thanks for the review!

13 Rebellion 13 Rebellion

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Soundin pretty good

I like this beat. Great transitions, but could use a little work on the audio levels of the instruments and percussion, other than that, It's a pretty good beat.

Drewsky13 responds:

Thanks man

Lejin - Busy Lately(Ft.RaViLL) Lejin - Busy Lately(Ft.RaViLL)

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It's Catchy

Excellent Choice in chorus. Only pointer I could throw in about this song is to maybe lower the voice a lil. Other than that great job.

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Freestyl.LyRiK.EDU Freestyl.LyRiK.EDU

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Pretty good, I can tell you put some work into this, but if you make your own beats, maybe make the bump a little louder yeah =). Still good work though. I make hip hop beats for people to use if you wanna check'em. 7/10

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Acctually I spent bout 40 drunk minutes mixing the one take vocals to put this together. No I don't make beats but I will check yours out. thanx for the review and the vote

Infectious Ft. Radio Infectious Ft. Radio

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Great beats and lyrics, also nice voice editing. Do you do all your stuff in FL9?

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traumatik1 responds:

nah yo i use mixcraft 4 lol wit a PV-20 mixer a ST-77 condenser mic, reflexive filter, an a mpc500